Friday, February 8, 2008

Cabaret worthy Links (to, uhh, other places)

A place for our permanent links collection. Yes, it's obvious, we know. It was supposed to be so, you know.

Our very own, yet other, blogs / Is same, but is other

The Artful Gamer
from the gutter
Gnome's Lair
Gaming on the Go
Walls of Gaming

Guest spawning places / Like us, but other

The Red Bull Diary

Ye olde gaming clubs / Video gaming places

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
British Gaming Blog
Game Life
Bits bytes pixels & sprites
FK's Wii-kly Sermons
J's corner of randomness
No Signal Input
Nebachadnezzar's place of awesomeness
Superfluous Gamer

Not contemporary gaming / Retro stuff

We make the cops look dumb...
Retro Treasures
Retro Remakes
Vintage Computing and Gaming
insert credit
Retro Gaming with racketBOY
The Sega Master System Junkyard
The Saturn Junkyard
The Dreamcast Junkyard

The less action oriented gamers / Point-and-click stuff

Adventure Lantern
The International House of Mojo

Adventure Gamers
The Adventure Gamers' Blog
Adventure Classic Gaming
Emily Short's Interactive Fiction
xii games
The Adventuress
Four Fat Chicks
Just Adventure +

Places of chappish excellence / Good stuff for smart kids

Stephen Fry's blog
Game Set Watch
The Brainy Gamer
The Cultural Gutter
Grumpy Gamer
stinkin' thinkin'
Richard's Online Journal

People's Captains / Indie and free stuff

Indies Games: The Weblog
TIG Source
The Download Munkey
Play this Thing
Indie Games

Ludology / Game design stuff

Games Are Art 2.0
Grand Text Auto

Varia / Various stuff

Space Cat Rocket Ship
Hunyak Blog
Yehuda's gaming blog
The Red Bull Diary
Dane of War


fatherkrishna said...

Wow! I'm both excited to be here and very thrilled to have my own ventures included on the blogroll!!

I've got a very great feeling about this place, as the combination of stellar bloggers smacks of a huge supergroup! I'm thinking Crosby, Stills and Nash, Emerson Lake and Palmer! Or for you younger types out there La Coka Nostra!!!

Amazing! I've added the site to my favourites and will be checking in on a regular basis!

BTW! Am I the first commentor on the site? Do I win a prize? Tell me it's a something expensive...

A 360? A Wii? A PS3? (Actually I don't want that one...)

The Sports Satirist said...

Who is this Dane of War person?

Roys! said...

Added ArtfulGamer to my feedreader.
Ascii Sector and The Great Games Experiment was a great find :D

Thanks for the plug too :)

gnome said...

Crosby, Stills and Nash sounds quite nice really :) Oh, and your brand new Sinclair ZX Spectrum prize -complete with tape recorder mind you- should be arriving at the Krishna household soon-ish.

A brilliant blogger dear Funnyman. Does tend o post some lovely ladies too.

You're very welcome dear roys. Oh, and adding AG to your feed reader was more than wise. Glad you appreciate our links section too...

fatherkrishna said...

A spectrum? Oh goodie!!! Will it have the rubber overlay keyboard thingy? and cassettes of manic miner and jet set willy?

*FK positions himself by letterbox with shotgun...*

gnome said...

Uhm... why the shotgun dear?

Roys! said...

You're incredible Gnome :) I'm already reading the Random Gnome's Lair, Buttonsmasher and now Game Cabaret ... are you sure there's only one of you writing for all these blogs and more?

gnome said...

Oddly yes dear Roys, though I'd have to admit I still haven't posted anything at the Game Cabaret...

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