Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to the Game Cabaret

Yes, yes, don't be afraid. The dancers wont hurt you, neither will the gamers. Draw the heavy red curtains, ignore the smoke, avoid the drunken sailors, be courteous to the ladies and join three slightly intoxicated gentlemen and their guests at the table in the back of the Game Cabaret. It's the only place where Dumas' wisdom is recognized: Cultural abilities and philosophy do indeed flourish under the influence of exotic spices and wines.

Then again, all we do is look at the darker, sexier and rather more humorous side of gaming as we smoke Cuban cigars, drink overpriced wine and discuss the finer points of Zelda and Day of the Tentacle. Oh, and that's no music you're listening to. It's but a selection of a few random variations on a draw of 88 notes.